Introducing iOS7 Day-by-Day

Written by Sam Davies

Update: The series has now come to a close, but is available as a free ebook at, or in hardcopy on lulu.

iOS7 is probably the most significant change to Apple’s mobile operating system since the launch of the iPhone3G. Not only does it completely revamp the UI, but it also introduces loads of really exciting new APIs that developers can use to make awesome apps.

There are so many different areas of improvement / addition that I’ve decided to do a review for developers – in bite-size pieces. Today marks the launch of my daily blog series – iOS7 Day-by-Day.

You can subscribe to the blog with the RSS feed option above – or follow me on twitter to be notified of when updates are posted. The following table of contents will be updated daily, so you should bookmark this page to get easy links to the entire series.

Each day’s post will have an associated sample project so that you can see the concepts in action. These will all be available in the github repo at

Let me know of any feedback or suggestions you might have.