iOS 10 Day by Day :: Index

Written by Sam Burnstone

Welcome to iOS 10 Day by Day, you’ll find links to all of the posts below. Read on to find out more about the series. You can still study the previous series by downloading the eBooks.

What is it?

iOS 10 Day by Day is a blog series covering all that an iOS developer needs to know about the new technologies and APIs available to them in iOS 10. The previous series have been incredibly popular and we hope this one will be just as helpful in giving you the lowdown on the big new additions to the iOS SDK and developer tools.

This page will be an index of all of the posts so far, so you can ensure that you haven’t missed a day.

The Index

Who’s writing this?

Me, Sam Burnstone. I work on the shinobicharts framework and have recently branched out into studying more general iOS development techniques as well. I have a particular interest in Swift and I’ve been avidly following its development since it was open-sourced. Feel free to follow me on twitter @sam_burnstone.

Will it be daily?

Like the previous series, we’ll be aiming for one to two posts a week.

What will it include?

We’ve drawn up a list of over 10 topics to tackle, which will be added to the index section as they are published. I don’t want to spoil the surprise too much, but we’ll cover:

  • iMessage Apps
  • SiriKit
  • New features in Xcode (sanitizers and extensions)
  • Improvements to Notifications
  • more…

Will it be written in Swift?

Of course! Swift has matured extremely rapidly since our first Day by Day series and is now the go-to language for the vast majority of iOS developers. If you’re not familiar with Swift, Apple’s user guide serves as an excellent starting point.

We’ll be writing the sample applications using Swift 3, following the patterns outlined in the API design guidelines.

How can I ensure that I don’t miss a post?

We’ve set up an email list that you can subscribe to by entering your details on this page.

We’ll also mention it on twitter (@shinobicontrols) or you can use good old RSS feeds.

Where is the source code?

Every single post will have an accompanying project, or playground. This is one of the fantastic features of iOS10 Day by Day – not only do you read about the new features, but you can actually see them in action. Each time a new article is posted, the related code will be pushed to the GitHub repo at

Should I share this?

Please do! I’d love to hear your feedback and any suggestions you may have for future posts.

If you have any questions / comments then we love to hear your feedback – drop us a tweet @shinobicontrols, or contact us.