iOS 10 Day by Day :: The Conclusion

Written by Sam Burnstone

Last week’s post on SiriKit’s Intents UI framework was the last in this series of exploratory posts on the new features available to developers in iOS 10. With hundreds of subscribers, tweeters, and readers, iOS 10 Day by Day has been a huge success.

iOS 10 Day by Day

iOS 10 Day by Day Subscriber Growth Over Time

The overarching theme of this release has all been about ‘integration’: apps built for iOS 10 can now hook into many areas of the system. From richer notifications with custom UI to iMessage Apps; a lot of the new features are based on App Extensions.

If we exclude the two topics that took a look at some new features of Xcode (Source Editor Extensions – also built on top of MacOS App Extensions – and Thread Sanitizer) then half of the features we looked at made use of the Extensions technology. It’s almost certain that we’ll see this expanded upon in iOS 11 next year, with the Intents framework being expanded to cover more domains and ever-more integration with the system itself.

What next?

Just like previous years, the shinobicontrols team will be turning the series into a book which will be available as a free download via the resources page. Those who have already subscribed to the series will be the first to know. If you’d like to join the list, be sure to sign up by filling out the form here

If you’d like to see a full list of the topics, please take a look at the Index page or if you’d rather just jump to the projects, you can find them on GitHub.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed the series.