iOS7 Day-by-Day :: Day 24 :: The End

Written by Sam Davies

Update: The series has now come to a close, but is available as a free ebook at, or in hardcopy on lulu.

Today’s post is the final post in the iOS7 Day-by-Day series, and it’s not even a technical post. I’ve written a total of 24 blog posts and touched on a lot of areas of the updates that iOS7 brought us. There’s a full content list below, so you can go and revisit any posts that you might have missed.

This blog series was started as somewhat of an experiement – to see how many cool new things there are in iOS7, and whether I could write interesting articles about some of them. On a daily basis. It has been a lot of fun, and I’d really appreciate any feedback you might have. Were the posts too detailed? Too long? Interesting? Leave a comment below, or hit me up on twitter to let me know. If there’s any interest then I may well consider doing something similar again in the future.

Don’t forget that all of the code for every single sample app is available on github at, and you can catch me on twitter at @iwantmyrealname.

If you’ve run out of things to read on the internet then take a look round the rest of the Shinobi site – it’s really rather good! You should follow @shinobicontrols on twitter too – they tweet really interesting techie stories, and rumour has it there’s a competition to win a gold iPhone5s at the moment (correct at time of writing :)).