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Written by Chris Grant

Welcome to iOS9 Day-by-Day, you’ll find links to all of the posts below. Read on to find out more about the series. You can still study iOS7 and iOS8 too.

What is it?

iOS9 Day-by-Day is a blog series covering all that an iOS developer needs to know about the new technologies and APIs available to them in iOS9. This page will be an index of all of the posts so far, so you can ensure that you haven’t missed a day.

Who’s writing this?

Our very own shinobicontrols developer, Chris Grant, is the author. He’s has always had an interest in mobile development and has pursued this passion through university and his professional career. Chris has numerous mobile applications and native UI frameworks to his name. You can follow him on twitter @christhegrant.

Will it be daily?

This year we’ll be aiming for one to two posts a week unless we get lots of interesting requests and up our game!

What will it include?

We haven’t got a firm plan, but there is a “coming soon” list where we’ve committed to a particular topic and it will be out soon. This list isn’t in any particular order!

How can I ensure that I don’t miss a post?

We’ve set up an email list that you can subscribe to, just fill in the form button below. Every time a new article in the series is posted we’ll send out a short email.

We’ll also mention it on twitter: @shinobicontrols

Where is the source code?

Every single post will have an accompanying project, or playground. This is one of the fantastic features of iOS9 Day-by-Day – not only do you read about the new features, but you can actually see them in action. Each time a new article is posted, the related code will be pushed to the github repo at

The Index

If you have any questions / comments then we love to hear your feedback – drop us a tweet @shinobicontrols, or contact us.