ShinobiCharts for Android: what’s new in v1.4?

Written by Kai Armer

The next version of ShinobiCharts for Android is here, bringing with it several bug fixes, and some exciting new features. Let’s take a quick tour of whats new:

  • Annotations – users of ShinobiCharts for Android Premium can now add a range of different annotation types to their charts. These range from simple text annotations, to annotations which span the entire plot area and respond smootly to pan and zoom gestures.

  • XML based themes – developers can now quickly apply themes and custom properties using XML, to change the look and feel of their application.

  • Title padding and margin control – custom values for padding and margins can now be set on chart, axis and legend titles.

  • Label customisation of pie and donut series slices – users can now change the look and feel with custom text, background and position. Many of you have asked for multiline text labels – this handy feature has now arrived!

  • Snapshots – device screen shots of ShinobiCharts for Android are now supported.

With all these exciting new features, why not download a free 30 day trial?

Let’s take a closer look at some of these exciting new features:

It’s all about the label

Many of you have asked for a way to change the look of labels of pie or donut series. Here at ShinobiControls we aim to please:


The text of the pie or donut series slice label used to default to the name (x-value) of the datapoint. You can now display your own text, for example you may wish to display the value (y-value) instead:


Multiline text is now supported and is very simple to use:

DataAdapter<String, Double> data = new SimpleDataAdapter<String, Double>();
data.add(new DataPoint<String, Double>("line1\nline2\nline3", 1.0));

This is only a brief glimpse of what you can do with pie or donut series labels; you can change the position of the label, set a custom background, join the label to the series, use a custom font – plenty of opportunity to be creative!

Take note

Another frequently requested feature is annotations. ShinobiCharts for Android now offers powerful and flexible annotations which are simple to use yet provide the ability to really make your charts stand out!


To add a simple text annotation to your chart is really straightforward:

shinobiChart.getAnnotationsManager().addTextAnnotation( "My Annotation",

If you wish to be a little more adventurous, you can use a custom view as an annotation:

shinobiChart.getAnnotationsManager().addViewAnnotation( myView,

Again, I’ve only scratched the surface here but hopefully it’s whetted your appetite to experiment to see just what you can do with custom annotations. Check out the api docs to find out more!

Looks are everything

Here at ShinobiControls we are always looking for new ways to help developers create beautiful, striking applications. The latest version of ShinobiCharts for Android brings with it the ability to use custom themes. So in addition to the new offerings of ThemeDefaultDark and ThemeDefaultLight it is now possible to create individual properties, or entire new themes, all from within XML files.

So for example, you might be generally happy with the ThemeDefaultDark theme, but wish to change the colour of the chart title. To do this you would extend the ThemeDefaultDark style with your own custom style:

<style name="Theme.Default.Dark.MyCustomTheme">
    <item name="sc_chartTitleColor">@color/my_custom_red</item>

Next you define your custom colour:

<color name="my_custom_red">#FFFF1111</color>

Finally you would set your theme on your chart in the java code:

shinobiChart.applyTheme(, true);

As you can see, its really quick and easy to make some striking effects on your charts:


Make it snappy! 

Many of you are keen to share your creativity with others and so ShinobiCharts for Android now boasts the ability to capture snapshots

A snapshot of the currently displayed chart can easily be captured with some simple code:


You will be given a Bitmap of the current chart via the snapshot listener to do with as you please!

As you can see, there’s a lot to talk about in our latest exciting release of ShinobiCharts for Android (available as a free 30 day trial). To see a full list of what’s new, see the changelog and don’t forget to check out the samples and the ‘how to’ guides.

Here at Shinobi HQ we are already looking ahead to the next release which promises more exciting new features. To make sure you hear the latest, follow us on Twitter @ShinobiControls.