ShinobiSuite 2.6 is here!

Written by Stuart Grey

As promised, here comes our very latest version of ShinobiSuite.

Version 2.6 for iOS delivers great new additions and improvements across all the components which make up our best-selling suite.

  • ShinobiCharts has been updated with the introduction of Radar and Polar charts, sometimes known as web charts or spider charts, which are commonly used to show commonalities or outliers across data. They are in use in areas as diverse as finance, sports and scientific applications. Just read on to see how to create and configure one to meet your needs.
  • ShinobiGrids now include Pull-to-Action as a new feature. Implementing this feature will refresh complete data sets with a simple finger-swipe.
  • ShinobiEssentials also has Pull-to Action included, but this time as a separate control so you can add this feature into any app.

Of course we have taken the opportunity to implement bug fixes across the suite , including ShinobiGauges. Now read on for more detailed information on what’s new and top tips on what to look out for. Enjoy!

Charts Landing Page Suite 26 Release


Radar and Polar series types have arrived. Creating them is as simple as sending your datasource a radial line series and setting the axes you’d like.

-(SChartSeries *)sChart:(ShinobiChart *)chart seriesAtIndex:(NSInteger)index {
    return [[SChartRadialLineSeries alloc] init];

The rest you’ll be familiar with, it’s just like our normal chart with a few extra options such as straightened gridlines: = SChartRadialLineRenderModeLinear;

Don’t forget to set a number axis for polar charts and category axis for radar – there are samples, of course, in the usual place.

radar300.png polar300.png


Another great addition to the charts this time around are data point labels. On the style objects for the series you’ll find a whole new set of styling options to automatically add labels to your bars, columns and points. = YES;

It’s as simple as that! Of course, for those looking for a little more control we have our usual delegate method available giving you the last word:



ShinobiEssentials has a new control, Pull to Action! It’s as dynamic as it sounds, and allows you to add a fully customizable pull-to-refresh or pull-to-add new rows style control to any of your scroll views. Whilst it comes with a classic look and action out of the box, look out soon for some blogs that show off some unique and exciting alternative styles!

Find out how it works in the ShinobiEssentials samples and user-guide. You can also find it in our ShinobiDataGrid, where it’s already fully integrated and displaying it is as simple as saying YES!

_datagrid.showPullToAction = YES;

We’ve made a lot of other changes too, so make sure you check out the change-logs for all of the details. It’s onto the next set of features for us, which starts with one of our most popular requests – individual bar and column series styling.