Xamarin Webinar: Cross-Platform Data Visualization

Written by Sam Davies

Last Thursday Colin Eberhardt and I presented our second webinar for Xamarin – this time focusing on the multi-platform opportunities opened up when using Xamarin in combination with ShinobiCharts for iOS and ShinobiCharts for Android.


We first described the process of making an existing Xamarin project work in a multi-platform manner, before demonstrating some coding practicalities of using the MVP pattern. The app generated was a stock charting application for the FTSE100, and it has the functionality on both Android and iOS.

The code for the project is all available on Github at github.com/ShinobiControls/Xamarin-cross-platform-charting, and the slides and a recording of the presentation are provided below.

If you have any questions or comments then catch me on twitter at @iwantmyrealname.