shinobicharts is considered the industry leader when it comes to data visualization on mobile

Real sports data, immediate improvements

Arccos Golf is the number one performance tracker in golf. Powered by user data and artificial intelligence, Arccos Golf is not only revolutionizing the game, it’s also ‘one of the leading tech companies in golf’, according to Bloomberg.

Patented Bluetooth sensors are plugged into the end of the golf club, and collect live data. This, combined with GPS intelligence, creates a huge amount of data for golfers looking to improve their game – including distance to the pin, greens in regulation and average distance achieved.

Despite already offering a comprehensive desktop / web-based dashboard, customers told Arccos Golf they wanted a better experience on their smart phone, so they could see and react to their data while on the golf course. Since partnering with shinobicharts, Arccos Golf has been able to create an engaging, and visually pleasing mobile app in a matter of months, instead of years.

“We wanted an off-the-shelf solution that could handle the large amount of data that our sensors collect, but also be customizable so the charts would fit with our design requirements and match the look and feel of our wider brand,” said Ben Heller, Director of Software Development. “Speed to market was important, so it needed to be easy to integrate.”

shinobicharts was the perfect solution, and allowed Arccos Golf to deliver a feature-rich app in record time. Arccos Golf’s app features an extensive range of chart types, including pies, lines and bars, to visualize key data in real-time. Animation and interaction were also added to create a fluid experience for the user, and allow them to pan and zoom.

“We’ve had a great experience with shinobicharts, the results have been great and we’re extremely proud of what we’ve been able to produce, in a relatively short period of time. In the iOS community, shinobicharts is considered the industry leader when it comes to data visualization on mobile. Even though I’m from a web background, we found them extremely quick to integrate, and the development process is pretty similar across platforms, which has already saved us a lot of time.”

“The feedback from our user base so far has been excellent. They love having their data available in real-time, and in a visually pleasing way. We would have no hesitation in recommending shinobicharts to any organization that are looking for data visualization tools that are easy to integrate, and provide a great experience for their end users.”