shinobicharts allows us to do things I haven’t seen in any other charting product


RBR creates instruments to track water data in some of the most remote places on the planet. From the polar ice caps to the ocean floor, their instruments collect data such as temperature, depth, pressure, salinity, dissolved gases, pH and more.

Gathering data from the bottom of an ocean can be difficult at times but thankfully, RBR’s loggers make it a simple process. Scientists, students, and citizen scientists deploy the instruments at the designated depth, sometimes up to 10,000m deep to start collecting data; this is known as creating a ‘profile’.

This process can be repeated in the same location over a period of time, and other times, it’s done across many different locations.

If the instrument is Wi-Fi enabled when it returns to the surface the user can connect to a cell phone or tablet in order to transfer the data. Users have the option to connect to a cell network and upload the data to the cloud, or they can review the data straight away on their phone using shinobicharts.

shinobicharts allows users to analyse their readings immediately, whether they’re in the middle of the Pacific Ocean or standing on an Antarctic glacier – and whether they’re using an Apple or an Android device.

The users can use shinobicharts to plot all the data gathered in the most recent profile, or compare data readings across 50 or more profiles.

Andy Cundill, the developer who builds the app used by RBR instruments, appreciates shinobicharts’ power and flexibility. “We’ve been using shinobicharts since 2012. We needed a highly customizable API to address some specific needs of the scientists using our instruments: we allow them to zoom in and compare multiple data series simultaneously. To make this viable, we rescale and offset the axes in real time as the scientist pans around the chart. We also allow them to show/hide different data series in real time with a single tap. shinobicharts has proven very flexible and the API allows us to easily plot the data the way we need to. I haven’t seen another product that could do the same.”