shinobicharts create a huge amount of value for our customers

Making smart sensors smarter

Sensirion is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality environment sensors. The sensors can measure temperature, humidity, particulate matter, gas or liquid flows, and while they measure, the sensors also gather a huge amount of critical data.

Analysing such vast amounts of raw data can be overwhelming, and so Sensirion offers its customers a data visualisation app. The app, powered by shinobicharts, helps customers make sense of their own data with powerful charts.

“The charts give a huge increase in value to our customers,” explains Dr David Hasenfratz, Head of Market Solutions Software at Sensirion. “Without the charts they would just have access to live data on the display of the gadget, but with the charts they can review the data over time and see long-term patterns in how their environments are changing. That’s the sort of intelligence many of our customers are looking for when they buy our sensors.”

“When we decided to add the charting feature to our app we knew we didn’t want to build one from the ground-up as it would take too long. shinobicharts did exactly what we needed, and its simple code is easy to use. Critically for us, it can easily handle and display very large amounts of data”.

“We started with an iOS app, and now we’re working on an Android version. It’s very convenient that shinobichart’s library supports both operating systems, as that’s saved a lot of time. We’ve found the support very helpful – there’s a lot of benefit from using a solution which is already out there and being used by a lot of other people. We’ve also benefited from features and code examples which other people have developed. Using shinobicharts has saved us a lot of time.”