360iDev 2013 – who needs sleep anyway?

Written by Sam Davies

Last week I travelled from ShinobiHQ to Denver, CO to attend 360iDev. This was my first visit to this conference and I most definitely was not disappointed.

There were a total of 4 days of high-quality technical content – starting with a tutorials day on Sunday. The audience at 360iDev comes from a wide range of backgrounds – from beginners to veritable iOS experts, and the content does an excellent job of catering for all levels.

Understandably there was a lot of discussion about how developers need to adapt to iOS7, and also how it is going to be received by the general public. There were a lot of arranged social events to enable people to get together and chat – which was really handy, even if it did mean sleep deprevation 🙂

I was due to present “The Art of Custom UI Controls” at precisely the same time as the Apple special event announcing the new iPhone 5C and 5S, so was relieved when my spot was re-arranged – I didn’t fancy my chances at holding an audience against an official Apple announcement.

Anyhow, my talk went ahead later that day – for those of you who couldn’t make it to 360iDev this year I’ve put the slides online (at the bottom of this post), and the code for the associated project is available on my github at github.com/sammyd/ShinobiKnob.

It was fantastic to meet so many iOS developers and to spend 4 days chatting about what people are working on and sharing stories. I met some Shinobi ninjas – it’s always awesome to find people who use and love Shinobi. Hopefully after seeing how cool our controls are we’ll have a few more ninjas in training soon!

Thanks for a great conference – hope to see you all soon!