Android™ vs iOS: A battle for Handsets, Browsing, E-Commerce or Apps!

Written by David Pinches

For many months now I have kept a close eye on the on-going debate around Android™ versus iOS not only in terms of broad market adoption but also in the context of platforms for high quality native apps.

The wealth of statistics and the associated analysis and commentary from multiple angles is pretty mind boggling.  This makes already difficult decisions on technology investments, that much trickier!

image 1

Of course, coming from a world of iOS chart, grid and UI components at ShinobiControls may indicate to you that we have a particular axe to grind about one platform over another. I prefer to look at it another way and with a mantra of always being market-led, I wanted us to look at “alternative” platform support with the benefit of market presence, customer input and wide but direct exposure to the app developer market.

So for iOS, we are seeing significant customer adoption of our native controls used to develop apps for business, medical, finance and even consumer markets. The common theme appears to be that the apps are  sophisticated, deliver great value to the user and the smooth interactivity of the controls adds genuine pizazz and user joy. Market feedback from these customers and also at iOS events and seminars has resulted in a steady flow (although not a flood) of enquiries asking if we plan to offer similar native controls for Android.

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As a result of this we have just concluded our equivalent of a “concept automobile” in the form of a Community Technology Preview of ShinobiCharts for Android and you can see the video of this in action here.  We hope to make the CTP available for a download within the next week or so. To register your interest in being a part of this unique trial then please  get in touch.

I’m really keen to get your perspective on native apps for Android as well as iOS so please add your views to the blog.  Look forward to hearing from you…