Introducing a simple pricing plan for App Development Agencies

Written by shinobicharts

From today, incorporating stunning iOS and Android charts into your client’s mobile apps will never be easier as shinobicontrols launch a new pricing plan, specifically designed for App Development Agencies and mobile consultancies.

no more per developer pricing

At its core, the “AGENCY” pricing plan is being introduced to make things simpler for digital teams, who would like to use our controls on client projects, without needing to pass on any of the cost. For a fixed yearly fee, each and every employee of the agency will be able to use our controls, across their projects and access our one-to-one developer support.

COO, Stuart Grey was keen to explain: “I’m really excited to be able to launch our new agency subscription, which I hope opens our controls up to new customers and puts to bed complex licensing agreements. By removing this barrier from our pricing plans and licensing agreements , development teams will be able to get back to what they enjoy doing; finishing projects faster and exceeding expectations.”

To learn more about this new pricing plan visit the benefits page or for a full feature comparison, take a look at our pricing.