Behold Android Charts 1.3

Written by Jesse Beaumont

Shindroid GreenOur quest to bring Android Charts to feature parity with the iOS version takes a big step forward today with the release of Android Charts 1.3.

This release not only adds support for stacked line, area, column and bar charts, but also introduces the first version of Android Charts Premium edition.

This first version of the premium charts library supports multiple axes, candlestick series, OHLC series and band series.  On top of that we’ve worked on some minor API improvements and much requested bug fixes.

Now available as a free trial – today is a great day to try out ShinobiControls, if you haven’t already done so.

For all you existing Android customers, here’s the really good news, if you have purchased a standalone Android Charts licence as part of the early bird program already you are going to get a free upgrade to the premium edition! 

Your account should already have been updated so just log into the customer portal and download. Just remember there is a detailed change log of the changes included with the release bundle so be sure to take a look at that.

In the next release we’re going to be working on adding a number of extension points and API enhancements to allow more detailed customisation of the charts as well as support for our Annotations API.  As ever, though, if you have feedback or suggestions, please get in touch and let us know.