Come up to the ShinobiLabs!

Written by Jesse Beaumont

We’re really excited to announce our brand new ShinobiLabs!  This is a new content area on our website where we will be making available early stage product developments, proof of concepts and beta releases for general consumption.


We’ve always said we’re extremely keen to be led by your requirements and needs in our product development, but we also realise that it can sometimes be quite hard to determine what you need if you’re grappling with a problem to which you don’t know the solution.  That’s why we decided to open up our experimental code and some of our R&D efforts and let you tell us whether it’s something you’d like to see turned into a product or not.

It’s work in progress

Obviously the submissions to the labs will be early stage developments and so probably aren’t quite ready for use in a full production app, but rest assured that this is just the first step in any product’s life and if you like what you see, by the time it hits the shelves it will be fully featured, robust and well documented, so fear not.

Without further ado – ShinobiGauges

And here it is, our first candidate!  We’ve spent a little time putting together a prototype of what a linear and radial gauge control might look like.  We’ve had a number of customer requests for these so we thought this was a good one to start with.  Gauges are a great way to make an appealing visualization of a simple 1 dimensional range.  Whether it’s a speedometer or fuel indicator on your car’s HUD, a display of the % capacity on your server farm or a value on a sales dashboard, gauges make a very visually appealing and popular way to show that number.


Tell us what you think!

So now it’s your turn.  We will try and continue feeding ShinobiLabs with ideas, prototypes and products as we go but to make it work, we really need your input.  Tell us whether you like the concepts or not (don’t worry, you won’t offend us if you say you don’t like something!)  Also if you have thoughts on a component you’d like to see realised, that’s great too.  So get playing and we’re looking forward to hearing from you!