Ending 2013 with a BANG! Shinobi HQ releases even more controls for iOS and Android

Written by David Pinches

What a year 2013 has been… we have seen 29 product releases (including 11 major feature releases), we’ve handled thousands of support tickets for our ShinobiCare Plus customers, posted hundreds of topics to our forums AND written around 80 blog posts covering a huge variety of subjects, both technical and otherwise.

And in 2014 we plan to do even more.

But, before we leave 2013 firmly behind, we are proud to announce a brand new product release – ShinobiGauges for iOS and our latest ShinobiCharts for Android version (1.2) are both now live!

ShinobiGauges for iOS

Gauges Lead Image On PT

If you have an app in mind where visualizing targets and performance metrics are key, then our new linear and radial gauge controls will really fit the bill.

Designed to contain a wide range of features to help configuration straight out of the box, ShinobiGauges ships with:

  • Flexible styling, ‘flat’ or life-like, it’s your choice!
  • Animated value changes
  • Configurable axis
  • Extensive documentation and example code
  • Quantitative ranges with configurable color bands


And of course, as is standard, Gauges are fully supported by a flexible and fully documented API, sample code projects, how-to guides and developer forum.

Building C# applications? No problem, they also come complete with Xamarin.iOS bindings.

You can trial or purchase right now. Enjoy!

ShinobiCharts for Android version 1.2

2013 saw the introduction of a new charting control for Android. On release, ShinobiCharts for Android made waves amongst online developer communities – since then we have kept up with a steady stream of releases to make sure they continue to move towards the functionality of their iOS cousins. Today we ship version 1.2 with quite a few added features that you guys have been crying out for:

  • Crosshairs and point selections
  • Gridlines and stripes
  • API enhancements (such as tick mark customizations)

Lots Of Goodies With 1 2

All these add onto existing features such as pie and donut series, line and scatter series, column and bar series, numeric/date and category axes and legends.

If you have already bought, then you can get your new upgrade for here for free.  Alternatively, why not take a trial and see the latest controls in action.

And finally…

Let me finish off by reminding you about our fantastic Happy Holidays pricing promotion – until December 20th our entire range of products and support packages (including Cross Platform) are now marked with 15% off our standard prices.

Own your very first ShinobiControl or add another package to your toolkit, whatever you do just buy before December 20th as we wouldn’t want you to miss out!

With our foot firmly on the pedal going into 2014, we hope you continue to support ShinobiControls and make sure to look out for more releases and upgrades in the coming year!