Enterprise Interest on the Rise at Apps World Europe 2013

Written by Jesse Beaumont

I’m sitting here on the train bound for home, reflecting on our two days at Apps World Europe 2013 and I have to say, it really was a great show for us.  These shows are a perfect opportunity to learn about what you’re doing and just as importantly learn about what we’re doing (or not doing!)


As ever at these shows people who came to see us were wowed by our offering.  It really never gets old, that feeling of satisfaction when someone’s jaw literally drops when we show our demos of fully touch enabled, interactive high performance charts or a gallery app with a super smooth interaction model as allowed by our flow layout.  What gets me even more excited though is watching that same person’s leaps of inference as they start to see ways to apply that to their domain and their apps and as the understanding dawns on them that we can not only save them time in building their apps, but we can give them  access to functionality and a user experience that they hadn’t even considered was possible.  Better for them and better for their users.  Now that really is exciting.


Competition image


We had a great time speaking to all of you and furthering our understanding of how our products can enrich your apps from indie developers to corporate teams.  One noticable trend is that there’s definitely a perceptible acceleration of growth in mobile development in the enterprise space now.  More and more we’re hearing from enterprise teams looking for technology partners and that’s why we’ve introduced our enterprise program to cater to exactly those needs.  If you’re interested in finding out more about that, just drop us a line.

Increasingly, we’re also starting to investigate ways to make it even easier for you to write apps in this space.  Whether it’s by providing better connectivity to enterprise back-office systems to deliver your enterprise critical data straight to the front lines or offering link-ups with popular Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Software as a Service (SaaS) stacks to provide a tighter integration between your mobile offering and the infrastructure you have in place.  There is a veritable cornucopia of possibilities out there and for us it’s really about figuring out which route is most useful to our users.  We’ll be trying things out in this space in the near future via our ShinobiLabs and we’d love your feedback, but if there are particular problems in this area that you need to solve, whether it’s support for direct connectivity to your Salesforce or SAP systems, connectors for your favorite database or API level support for integration with Parse, Dropbox or Amazon S3, collecting data from your customer touch points or delivering reporting to your management teams, tell us about it – we’d love to help!

For now though, it’s time for me to sign off and take a moment to digest all the new data points and conversations we’ve had.

We really hope to see you at a show in future and as ever if there’s something you think we can help with, get in touch!

Take care,