Exciting updates from the ShinobiControls team

Written by David Pinches

Hello again!

We wanted to take some time out and tell you about all the exciting news we have here at ShinobiControls HQ. We have had a fantastic year to date with new version releases, new product releases, starting a thriving developer community, releasing our own app and so much more!           

We have been thrilled to get such positive feedback from you guys, we have had thousands of trial downloads, hundreds of developers using our charts, grids and essentials components in their apps and some great suggestions on product development from you all.

So, what next? Read on for our latest news and updates and to see what’s on the horizon…

“And action…”

Our ethos “Breathe Life into your Charts” has now come to fruition on our own site! With our latest Charts 2.2 release, we decided we should be showing you what you can do with our product, so we have added animation demo videos to our Charts product tour.

Ipad Controls Animation Charts

Maybe not quite worthy of an Oscar nomination, but perfect to give you an impression of what your charts can do!

Click here and watch our pie charts spinning around, line charts fading in and out plus grow, shrink and television super effects. 

Charts at a glance


A new ShinobiCharts Gallery will be live and ready for you to view next week. You will be able to see every chart you can create with our controls and what they might look like in different themes. So check on the ShinobiCharts homepage next week.

Exciting new plans: A sneak peek at our road map for the next few months:

ShinobiGrids 2.0: We have been going back to the drawing board for you and have now come up with a whole new API that is more powerful than ever before! Many new features such as improved selection, sorting and enhanced styling and a whole lot more will soon be available to you – straight out of the box. We will be releasing very soon and you can read more on our website in due course

ShinobiCharts for Android: Based on the overwhelming feedback we have received from you and following the successful market preview of ShinobiCharts for Android, we have now decided to go ahead and develop a commercially ready product due to be launched later in 2013. In the meantime we plan to give you something more substantial to play with by releasing a beta around June.

ShinobiEssentials: ShinobiEssentials will soon be welcoming 3 new UI controls to the family! Available soon in 2D and 3D, the Carousel component will allow you to easily browse through a large set of views, using familiar gestures such as swipe or flick. CoverFlow, the 8th control in our package, will allow you to build CoverFlows into your own app. Look out for more news!

ShinobiCharts 2.3: With Charts 2.2, using amazing animation features, still hot off the press, we are already planning for our next release! ShinobiCharts 2.3 will feature data streaming support, bubble series, improvements in developer experience and much more.

ShinobiSolutions – Our Consulting and Mobile App Development Services

Mobile Application Development Company

Many of you may be involved in larger application projects where your organization or your client may require additional resources to build and complete an app including ShinobiControls components.
To meet such a need we have created ShinobiSolutions, offering consulting and mobile app development services. Our developer team can work with you as part of a larger team and help deliver a fantastic project to suit both you and your client’s needs.

Read more and connect with ShinobiSolutions

And more good news!

We always welcome your feedback and strive to implement all of the suggestions you have. One of these being a pricing promotion with flexible support offerings we held at the start of the year. It has been such a success that we have decided to keep this new structure in place so you can continue to benefit from great pricing for amazing controls. Enjoy!

Working with Xamarin

Many of you will already know that our components are now available in the Xamarin Component Store and as a result are already producing great apps based on your C# expertise.

We will also be sponsoring and participating at Evolve, Xamarin’s first worldwide developer conference from April 14th – 17th in Austin, Texas. Our COO Jesse Beaumont  will represent ShinobiControls at the event and run a session titled “How mobile is impacting real-time decision making & visualization”. Be sure to read up on his experiences at Evolve on our blog page on his return.

Xamarin Authorized Consulting Partner

We are happy to announce that ShinobiSolutions, the consulting arm of our business, has recently become a “Xamarin Authorized Consulting Partner”. Xamarin has developed that program to enable customers to find consultants with deep experience shipping great apps so we are ecstatic to be a part of this program.

So that’s our plans for the next few months, we hope you enjoyed your sneak peek from ShinobiControls.