Grids have changed forever!

Written by Jesse Beaumont

Shinobi experts launch iOS data grids component

April 24, 2012 – Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK -The talented developers behind ShinobiCharts have added another string to their Controls bow – ShinobiGrids. The ground-breaking iOS component allows users to display massive data sets in fully customizable, spectacular grids. 

With high performance at the forefront, ShinobiGrids bears all the hallmarks of another fantastic ShinobiControls product with great interactivity, unique customization tools and an easy to use API all wrapped up in a world class support package.     

If that wasn’t keeping the ShinobiControls team busy enough then, due to the phenomenal success of ShinobiCharts, they have also just released their first update for the product alongside a Premium edition as well! Together with the incredible features from the first Charts version, Premium now boasts support for multiple axes, financial series types, on chart annotations as well as stacked series, log axes, step charts and more. 

To mark the release of these world leading, first-class products, ShinobiControls have launched a revamped website ( and coupled together the new Premium version of ShinobiCharts and ShinobiGrids in a single purchase package with a substantial $200 saving.

Jesse Beaumont, of ShinobiControl, said: “We’re extremely excited about our new releases.  The feedback we’ve had on the ShinobiGrids beta has been fantastic and the new ShinobiCharts product takes what was good about the first release and makes it even better with improved performance, an improved memory footprint and a whole host of new features.  We’re delighted that we can finally share these new features with our users!”

Felipe N. Marsetti, iOS Developer, Banana Split Games, said: “By far the best 3rd party API I’ve ever used. With an incredible level of polish and attention to detail, ShinobiCharts is so easy to use that it feels like it’s part of the iOS SDK.”

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