Hello ShinobiDevelopers and welcome to 2013!

Written by Jesse Beaumont

We thought we should really kick off this brand new year with some more detail about our immediate plans for the product lines! There’s nothing like a bit of a plan for a new year, right? We really tried to power through right up to the end of last year with the release of the ShinobiEssentials betas and the brand new ShinobiDeveloper section on our website – which some of you have already started getting involved in so thank you very much, the more the merrier (don’t be shy, it’s free)!


ShinobiLogo 2013


Don’t worry though, we didn’t stop there and we’ve been working away at a few more things in the background to send your way early this year. So without further ado, let’s just do a quick rundown of what to expect in Q1 2013:

  1. ShinobiEssentials 1.0

    Okay so this was pretty obvious. We’ve had the beta out and have gotten some great feedback from you so we’re hoping to land version 1 quite soon indeed. We’re aiming for a release in January, but we’ll be sure to let you know when it’s available!

  2. A new ShinobiCharts release

    Yep, we’ve not forgotten about our chart users and in this new release we’re working on some cool new features to add into the mix to continue building on our great interactivity and performance. One of the key areas we’re working on right now is to add the ability to animate all of our chart series. Watch this space for more details but right now it’s looking like a release in Feb 2013 on this one.

  3. A major ShinobiGrids version

    ShinobiGrids is getting a big upgrade. With version 1.1 of ShinobiGrids we have a pretty useful API and control, but with the upcoming version 2.0, data grids go to a whole new level with improved visuals, stronger interactivity, a simpler API, better styling options and a more extensive feature set. We’re pretty excited about this one – the current prognosis on this release is for March.

  4. ShinobiPlay Upgrade

    We launched ShinobiPlay as a tool for people to experience ShinobiControls in action as well as a way to have some resources for developing with ShinobiControls at your fingertips and the feedback we’ve received has been tremendous. It’s really great to see so many downloads of the app and the really positive feedback. We’re certainly not going to stop there though, ‘cause we’ve got plans! This next release will add new elements to the ShinobiExperience section to showcase more of the grids and ShinobiEssentials and a whole new gallery for quickly experiencing all the different chart types we have on offer (there’s too many, you see, people are getting lost…)

  5. The Website

    We released ShinobiDeveloper to help our ever-increasing community engage with us and with our products (and with each other!) but that was just the start. We’re going to continually be putting more content on the site in the form of more FAQs, tutorials, blogs, how-to guides, examples and more. If there are particular things you’d like to see, do let us know and we’ll be sure to add it to our list.

So as you can see, we’ve got a huge amount happening in the next 3 months.  Now I really should get cracking because it’s all hands to the pump here at ShinobiHQ to get this stuff to you guys as soon as possible. Before I go, though, I just wanted to extend a big thank you to you all for getting involved and helping to make 2012 such an exciting and positive year for all of us at ShinobiHQ! Here’s to an even bigger and better 2013!

Finally, if you happen to find yourself at AppsWorld in San Francisco or Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February, get in touch! We’re going to be exhibiting at both and we’d love to meet you!