Introducing iOS9 Day-by-Day

Written by Ross Clark

Following the announcement of iOS9 at WWDC 2015 back in June, a wave of excitement has been rolling across the global developer community. The conference itself was a great success. Apple gave a glimpse into the new features, technologies and powerful APIs iOS9 possesses, as well as allowing developers access to get a real grasp of its depth and capability. Our COO Stuart Grey was on the ground at WWDC 2015, and you can read about his experience in his latest blog post.

iOS9 day by day header imageAs developers, we know that time is precious and there’s only a limited amount of time in the world to delve into Apple documentation. So we’re pleased to announce the release of iOS9 Day-by-Day, the next chapter in our very popular blog series.

The shinobicontrols team will be exploring iOS9 and delivering regular, insightful posts accompanied by projects and working sample code. Through these projects the shinobicontrols team will react to any issues that appear as well as supplying developers with helpful workarounds. Our aim is to aid keen developers in getting to grips with Apple’s new release alongside seeing its exciting features in action.

Stay in the know…

We’ve compiled a handy index page from where you can access the various posts as they are released. Follow and subscribe to our channels, plus a more in-depth rundown on what iOS9 Day-by-Day has to offer in the future.