Introducing shinobitoolkit for android

Written by Ross Clark

Our latest product launch – shinobitoolkit for android – is a big step towards complete consistency of feature performance with our native iOS controls.

The toolkit features fast, multi-touch data grids, and is available as a free trial. It’s also heavily customisable, allowing developers to reorder columns and rows through simple gesturing, with multiple pre-build selection modes on offer.

Editable cell types mean that any androidView can be used in each grid cell, and there are extensive styling options, with comprehensive XML-based theming, and a frozen header row option.

There is a comprehensive quick start guide as well as three sample apps covering reordering, styling and selection.

Our Chief Operating Officer Stuart Grey said: “This release should really speed things up for our android developers. The explosion in consumer and enterprise interest in apps for wearables, health monitoring and and tracking business activity, has created the need for better ways to manage data. This is another example of us helping developers to bridge that gap, and we’re looking forward to making further improvements as we continue to grow.”