iOS 8: Day by Day – eBook Release

Written by shinobicharts

In June 2014 Apple delivered the highly anticipated iOS 8 into the hands of developers at WWDC. It was a chance for developers around the world to discover the depth of functionality and capability powered by the huge number of new APIs. One of those developers was our very own Technical Evangelist Sam Davies.

Realizing that most developers are busy people and don’t have the time to trawl through WWDC videos and Apple documentation, Sam has been hard at work delving into everything this new iOS release has to offer, from the exciting new technologies right down to the important issues that apps and app developers will have to address going forward.

Sam has been posting regular chapters to his blog iOS 8: Day by Day, a series which delivers a high-level summary of the new possibilities, alongside working sample code in 39 bite sized chunks. This entire blog series has now been produced as an ebook, a compilation of in-depth and insightful posts aimed at helping other keen developers get to grips with this new technology. As well as covering APIs and giving developers the chance to see the features in action, Sam also covers the problems he has encountered and lessons he has learned from them. This eBook also provides useful workarounds to help avoid any potential pitfalls ensuring that it’s a must read for any developer wanting to significantly expand their knowledge of iOS 8.

ios-8iOS 8: Day by Day is available to download here as well as across a range of publishing platforms including Lulu, LeanPub and the Amazon Bookstore.

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