iOS 8 Marches Into Town

Written by Stuart Grey

Buzz! It’s been a long while since we’ve heard that word genuinely describe a crowd at an Apple keynote, and it was no different at ShinobiHQ when I arrived this morning. It’s even more unusual to hear it from the software side of Apple life, but I found myself nodding in appreciation a number of times during the keynote.


Craig Federighi was kept very busy with a significant amount of stage time, but his charisma certainly brings a lot to the Apple show. The expected visual refresh of OS X revealed itself, along with a number of other nice-to-have features in what, in general, felt like a maturing of the Apple offering. iOS8 followed suit with a melding rather than replication of common ideas across the two distinct platforms. It didn’t feel as baseless as just plugging some Android inspired gaps (although undoubtedly it was doing that as well), there’s a feeling that these upgrades are genuinely going to improve your Mac and iDevice life.

It’s a good time to be an iOS developer

Developers were the big winners, assuming winning means an overflowing cup of new tech to drink down. There is a real buzz and excitement at the sheer scale of the new offerings. It will be a number of weeks before it can all be taken in and processed, but no doubt there is enough material to keep the momentum going for a long time. There’s going to be a lot of chatter over the next few days with the introduction of the new language in Swift. Or it will be twice as busy if, like us, you’re interested in GPU performance and the new offering from Metal too.

swift-icon.png metal-icon.png

For every headline feature talked about on stage there are a myriad of others that, whilst not worthy of a mention on the big screen are going to be significant. Over 4000 API changes is going to take some time to consume but, just like last year, we’ll be digging in and working out everything you need to know day-by-day.

We’re on it

Here at ShinobiHQ, we’ve downloaded all of the betas and we’ll be taking the time over the next few weeks to analyse the impact. Whilst there is a lot of excitement around the shiny new offerings, we’ll first and foremost be investigating and testing what all of this means to what’s here now. Expect to hear about our investigations as we delve into Swift and the other iOS8 changes. We’ll be sure to let you know when our beta version is ready in the coming weeks. We’re planning a number of releases over the summer aimed at iOS8 compatibility, and each time Apple release a new beta we’ll be there to make sure there are no surprises!