iOS7 coming to ShinobiControls

Written by Colin Eberhardt

iOS7 coming to ShinobiControls

With the unveiling of iOS7, Apple has introduced a significant shift in design ethic, favouring flat interfaces over gradients, shadows and embellishments. This will certainly have a significant impact on the way applications of the future are designed.

In this blog post I want to briefly describe what this means to ShinobiControls and the thousands of people using our controls.


The impact of iOS7 on ShinobiControls

As providers of user interface controls to the iOS community, iOS7 has a significant impact on ShinobiControls. Firstly, like everyone else, we have to ensure that our products still work on this new OS. You’ll be pleased to hear that we have that one covered already! We have run a full suite of tests on the current iOS7 beta and we are in good shape.

However, for ShinobiControls the shift towards a flat UI style means more than just ensuring our components will work under this new OS. We have always strived to ensure that our components feel like first-class citizens when used alongside the Apple controls. We have worked hard to ensure the gradients on the grid headers match the built-in navigation bars, the ‘bounce’ as you pull a chart beyond its bounds matches the behaviour of the built in scroll view.

Our plans for iOS7

With iOS7 on the horizon we are readying ourselves for the new wave of applications that adhere to a flat aesthetic. We will be using the built in theming capabilities of our controls to ensure that they blend perfectly into your iOS7 applications (although we will not be throwing away the ‘old’ iOS6 styling either – it’s your choice).

Although iOS7 goes deeper than just flattening the user interface, there are new behavioural changes, and we will be accommodating these also. Again, without veering too closely into NDA territory, we will be looking at incorporating text scaling and other major UI enhancements into our components.

It’s too early to reveal our full plans just yet, and to be honest, we are still working on the details (we’ve only had two days to digest this change ourselves). But I can guarantee that the team at ShinobiHQ will be working flat out (pun intended!) to make the most of this amazing new opportunity.

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