iPhone 6, iOS8. Oh, and one more thing…

Written by shinobicharts

We watched [no pun intended!] as it finally arrived and we’ve put our initial thoughts into some kind of order…just. Native development on iOS just got a whole lot more interesting.



Surprising, no – exciting, yes!

It’s fair to say that most of yesterday’s iPhone presentation was a confirmation rather than a revelation. This can make it easy to overlook some of the undoubtedly impressive technological advancements. What piqued our interest was Apple’s steadfast approach to GPU development. We’ve not seen a massive increase in resolution but we do now have some bigger screens and for us, the ratio of GPU performance to demand from the absolute number of pixels is key in helping to deliver a pristine charts experience.

Aside from the evermore challenging development environment, containing more devices and form factors, we think the opportunities are going to be huge. Getting the balance of your app right across all of these is going to be key to its success. As leaders in the Adaptive UI field, we’ll be working hard to bring you the best and most innovative tools to help you deliver that potential.

Opportunity beckons

Whilst the name is a bit of a mouthful, the “Apple Watch” itself is definitely born from Form. Function it seems will be revealed when we have a little more time, and as developers get to grips with WatchKit. There was a real buzz here this morning about what we can do, with ShinobiCharts in particular, through WatchKit and what glances you’ll want to give your users.


Needless to say we’re looking forward to that challenge and making sure that our charts have the best native user experience on this new form factor and technology.

It’s not just charts that have us excited with the Apple Watch potential. Our ShinobiGauges product is looking perfectly aligned for providing the sort of snapshot glances users are going to expect on their wrist. Needless to say we’ll be seeking out every opportunity here to provide you with the tools you deserve.

First things first

The excitement is almost palpable here, but we’re as committed as ever to supporting you and your development. All of our iOS controls are now iOS8 compatible, so if you’re an existing customer you can download the latest version from the customer portal, or if you haven’t yet bought it you can download the latest trial.

As soon as the hardware hits the shelves, we’ll be putting our controls through their paces and making sure we’re ready, supporting you, with products ready for the next generation.

Exited and ready!

The Shinobi Team