MWC12 for ShinobiControls

Written by Jesse Beaumont

Looking back at MWC12MWC12

So here we are – the week after MWC. And what an experience it was – it’s taken me a couple of days to recover and digest it all but I seem to be getting there now! First of all, thank you to everyone who came to see us at our stand, it was great to meet you and really exciting for us to see the interest in ShinobiControls.

What MWC was about for ShinobiControls

At one point someone who stopped to chat, asked us “What are you doing at MWC?” At first that struck me as an odd question, but then I realized it wasn’t at all obvious. Most of the companies at MWC were touting for business – there were outsourcing providers, enterprise product providers and hardware manufacturers galore, all of them networking and angling for that big deal. While we’ll be delighted if we get some commercial interest in ShinobiControls from the conference, first and foremost, MWC was a fact finding mission. We were out there doing market research and building awareness – where else in the world do you find such a high concentration of decision makers and business executives interested in mobile technology? These are the people whose apps will hopefully be built using ShinobiControls and so they’re the ideal people to speak to about what we’re offering – and what we should be offering.

Don’t get me wrong, we love technology and we’re building our software to help developers deliver, but in order to build the right stuff and truly make the developers’ lives easier we need to understand not just the developers but also their users. That’s what MWC was about for us as much as anything.

The Conclusion

What are the results, you ask? Everyone is starting to understand that there’s an opportunity out there both on the business and the consumer side and the mobile computing platform is nowhere near tapped out yet. Case in point, my partner came home with an iPad from work last week. She’s a veterinarian and her practice is moving their practice management solution into the cloud, delivered onto iPads. It changes the way they talk to their patient’s owners (I suppose it might change how they talk to their patients as well but translation software isn’t quite at the level of speaking cat and dog yet!), it changes how they run their practice and it changes how they do business. It’s the same message we got from MWC, both consumers and enterprises are looking to get more value out of the mobile platform and that means delivering more value to it.

Everyone we spoke to liked ShinobiControls so we’ve come back to Shinobi HQ with a lot of enthusiasm and ideas of where to take things next. We’ll get started on delivering those ideas right now and we hope to see you at MWC 2013 – we’ll be there! Don’t worry though, you won’t have to wait a year to find out what we’re up to – we’ll be keeping you up to date right here. So keep an eye on this blog and get in touch if you have a problem you’re trying to solve that you think we might be able to help with!