New Releases Available!

Written by Jesse Beaumont

As you will be aware, Apple is gearing up for the release of iOS6.  As a result we’ve done some work to get our components ready for that.  We’ve implemented a first cut of the iOS6 compatible controls and are are making that preliminary version available now.  Obviously the final version of iOS6 is not yet available so things may yet change, but these releases have been tested with the beta 4 release of iOS6.

This update includes both ShinobiCharts (v2.0.9) and ShinobiGrids (v1.0.7).  In addition, we’ve added some new delegate methods for the grids following various customer requests (see below for a full change log).

If you are an existing customer with a support licence, get in touch at, quoting your support key, and we’ll send you a download link for the new release(s).  Otherwise, why not grab a trial now?

Change Log


  • Provisional iOS6 compatability

New members

  • ShinobiChart
    • @property (nonatomic) BOOL rotatesOnDeviceRotation;


  • Provisional iOS6 compatability

New members

  • SGridDelegate
    • – (void) didFinishLayingOutShinobiGrid:(ShinobiGrid*) grid;
    • – (void) shinobiGrid:(ShinobiGrid *)grid didExpandSectionAtIndex: (NSUInteger)sectionIndex;
    • – (void) shinobiGrid:(ShinobiGrid *)grid didCollapseSectionAtIndex:(NSUInteger)sectionIndex;
    • – (void) shinobiGrid:(ShinobiGrid *)grid didSelectCellAtCoord: (const SGridCoord *) gridCoord;
    • – (void) shinobiGrid:(ShinobiGrid *)grid willDeselectCellAtCoord:(const SGridCoord *)gridCoord;
    • – (void) shinobiGrid:(ShinobiGrid *)grid didDeselectCellAtCoord:(const SGridCoord *)gridCoord;
    • – (void) shinobiGrid:(ShinobiGrid *)grid willCommenceEditingAutoCell:(const SGridAutoCell *) cell;
    • – (void) shinobiGrid:(ShinobiGrid *)grid willBeginResizingColumnAtIndex:(NSUInteger) columnIndex;
    • – (void) shinobiGrid:(ShinobiGrid *)grid willResizeColumnAtIndex:(NSUInteger)columnIndex fromWidth:(float) currentWidth toWidth:(float) newWidth withXCenter:(float) xCenter;
    • – (NSNumber*) shinobiGrid:(ShinobiGrid*) grid widthForResizingColAtIndex:(NSUInteger) columnIndex withCurrentWidth:(float) currentWidth targetWidth:(float) targetWidth;
    • – (void)   shinobiGrid:(ShinobiGrid *)grid didResizeColumnAtIndex:(NSUInteger) columnIndex fromWidth:(float) oldWidth toWidth:(float) newWidth;
    •  – (UIImage*) shinobiGrid:(ShinobiGrid*) grid arrowImageForOrientation:(SGridArrowOrientation) orientation forCellAtCoord:(const SGridCoord*)gridCoord;
    •  – (CGPoint) shinobiGrid:(ShinobiGrid*) grid offsetForArrowImageWithOrientation:(SGridArrowOrientation) orientation forCellAtCoord:(const SGridCoord*)gridCoord;
  • SGrid
    • @property (nonatomic, retain) NSNumber *minimumRowHeight; 
    • @property (nonatomic, retain) NSNumber *minimumColWidth;
    • @property (nonatomic, retain) UIImage *defaultArrowImage;