NEW ShinobiCharts 2.1 and ShinobiGrids 1.1. Say Hello to iOS6 and MonoTouch support

Written by Jesse Beaumont

Here at ShinobiHQ we have been slaving over a hot IDE getting our next component releases ready and we’re happy to announce that the first of these are ready to go!  We’ve got some really exciting stuff lined up for these releases (and beyond!) so let’s take a quick tour.


Version 2.1 of ShinobiCharts really packs a punch…well, we think so anyway!

iOS6 and iPhone 5 Support


We now have official iOS6 support, including support for the iPhone 5’s new CPU architecture armv7s.  You’ll also notice that the warnings present in our preliminary iOS6 support have gone too.  Happy days!

MonoTouch Support (Premium Edition only)

Xamarin LogoIt’s clear from the influx of queries that you have been waiting for this for a while now.  Well wait no more!  ShinobiCharts Premium Edition now includes MonoTouch bindings.  What’s more, it’s all bundled in one component so you get the choice of whether to use MonoTouch or the native Objective-C library – at no extra cost.

New Fresh Look and Feel

If you take a look at our new sample apps or any app using ShinobiCharts for that matter you’ll almost certainly notice our new look and feel.  We had a couple people comment that the previous look of the charts could be improved and we listened.  We went back to the drawing board and came up with a much fresher, brighter and more vibrant look.  Don’t worry though, the previous look is still there as a theme, so it’s easy to revert back if you preferred the progoma; styling.


Discontinuous Axes

For many use-cases it’s nice to be able to exclude part of your axis.  For example, if you’re writing a trading app, you want to be able to exclude non-trading hours so you don’t get flat spots or periods of noise in your data.  That’s where these axes come in.  Just define the individual or repeating exclusions and, whoosh, like that…they’re gone, faster than you can say “Keyser Söze.”


iOS6 and iPhone 5 Support


Yep, that’s right ShinobiGrids got the upgrade to iOS6 too so now you can put that new iPhone5 A6 processor and big screen to good use showing all the data you want.

MonoTouch Support

Xamarin LogoOf course, we did bindings for ShinobiGrids too.  Again, it’s all included in the standard purchase price.  You get both the native controls and the MonoTouch bindings in one package.  Oh yeah!


How do you get it?

If you’re an existing customer who purchased support with your product, just get in touch and we’ll send it your way as soon as we can.  Otherwise, why not grab an updated trial and see what you think of the new functionality?

We’ve included a change log of all the changes at the end of this post so feel free to peruse at your leisure, but first…

What’s next?

Our pipeline is packed, I can tell you that.  We’re working on a big feature release for ShinobiGrids, our new product ShinobiEssentials and a whole new raft of interactive features for our charts component.  We’ll have more news on those things in the coming weeks so make sure you keep an eye on our blog and follow us on Twitter (@shinobicontrols). As always if you have feature requests or things you’d like to see, send them along and we’ll make sure they get added to our todo list.

Change Log

The change log for ShinobiCharts 2.1 and ShinobiGrids 1.1 can be found here.