New videos help us demonstrate the power and versatility of our products

Written by shinobicharts

It’s with great excitement that today we can officially launch two new animated videos to bring the shinobicontrols brand life and explain our products to iOS and Android developers who are yet to experience the greatness of shinobicontrols.

Working with animation studio Kuro Dragon, we went through lots of ideas and scripts. We then turned these initial ideas storyboards before moving onto creating a final version.

creating shinobicontrols animated video

The first video, “About Us” will take viewers on short journey. An overview of where we have come from to who we are today, including some of the large enterprises that use our products. The second video “About shinobicharts” provides viewers with more specific information about the benefits, core chart types and new features, including the new advanced charting kit.

COO, Stuart Grey explained: “Our app development tools are trusted by thousands of mobile developers, agencies and enterprises to make stunning user interfaces for iOS and Android, but through the great accessibility of these videos, we can now quickly demonstrate the power and versatility of our products.

“Kuro Dragon were very thorough in the way they worked with us, walking us through the end to end process and chatting through a number of interesting ideas. We’re extremely pleased with the end result.”

Stuart Howard, Kuro Dragon’s founder added: “Our intention was to create videos that explained both shinobicontrols and shinobicharts quickly and succinctly to someone that was likely to be hearing about the brand and its tools for the first time.”

Regular visitors may have already noticed them on our refreshed home and shinobicharts pages. Alternatively, each of the videos can be viewed below.