Shinobi and Xamarin Webinar: Cross Platform Data Visualization

Written by Sam Davies

After the success of our last webinar for Xamarin, Colin Eberhardt and I have been asked back to present another hour of delights. Since we presented the last webinar, ShinobiCharts for Android has been released, and so this presents an ideal opportunity to take a look at the multiplatform capabilities afforded by development with Xamarin.


Colin and I will build a Xamarin app for displaying stock prices using shared code across both iOS and Android platforms. This will include looking at how Xamarin enables the sharing of business logic, how to get started with ShinobiCharts for both iOS and Android, and a few of the visual customizations available with ShinobiCharts. 

By the end of the webinar you’ll have a good understanding of how to build a cross-platform data-visualization app using Xamarin, with the code being made available after the webinar for you to download and play with.

The webinar is on Thu 27th February, at 4pm GMT (8am PST / 11am EST). To register to attend, head on over to the xamarin website and fill out the form.

Hope to see you there!