ShinobiCharts 2.2 is here!

Written by Jesse Beaumont

We’re delighted to announce the release of version 2.2 of ShinobiCharts.  In this release we focussed on motion.  Motion is a great way to make your charts feel more dynamic and engaging and draw the user’s attention to them.  The two big areas we’ve been working on are improved interactivity for pie charts and a whole new animations framework.

Animations, baby!

Starting with this release of ShinobiCharts, all series types may be animated in and out of the charts.  Want your line to come bouncing in or your candlesticks to fade out?  Just add an animation.  It really helps make your charts feel more dynamic and engaging.  Animations can be controlled per series and are customizable allowing you to change the animation curves and duration of the effect.


Pies of Fortune

One thing we noticed when watching users play with our controls is that an inordinate amount of time was being spent selecting and deselecting pieces on a pie chart to make it spin.  Clearly users liked the spinning effect.  We’ve also had quite a few requests for a pie chart which could be rotated into a particular position to allow them to be used more like a selection dial than a traditional pie chart.  In this release you can now do that.  We call it “panning” on a pie chart and it allows users to rotate (or spin with gusto!) the chart.  Of course that is backed up with a new API to programmatically control and interrogate the chart’s state with respect to rotation.

The other stuff

We also took the opportunity to clean up a few bugs and expand on the user guide documentation a little bit to help give a gentler introduction to the charts.  This is an area we’re looking to continue to improve on further in the next release and we’ve got some big plans so watch this space.

If you’re a customer with one of our support packages for Suite or Charts, you’re entitled to a free upgrade so just log into the customer portal and download now!  Alternatively, if you’re not yet a customer but want to try out the new features why not go ahead and download a trial and give it a spin (pun intended)?