ShinobiCharts 2.3 released – with data streaming

Written by Colin Eberhardt

We are excited to announce the 2.3 release of ShinobiCharts which introduces a new data streaming API, allowing you to create ‘live’ charts which contain many thousands of data points. We’ve also added background data loading, and taken the opportunity to further improve our documentation and make the installation experience much smoother.


Data Streaming


One of the unique features of ShinobiCharts is the graphics hardware accelerated rendering that we employ. As a result, our charts are able to render hundreds of thousands of data points, whilst allowing the user to pan and zoom at 60 frames per second.

In this latest release, we have optimised the way in which data is handed over to the graphics processing unit (GPU), allowing us to provide it in smaller ‘buckets’. What this means is that you can now ‘push’ new data into your chart – which is perfect for streaming scenarios!


Real Time Data Streaming Charting Component Ipad


Data streaming is useful for a whole range of applications – you can use it to stream pricing data into financial charts or track the accelerometer for running / walking applications.

To see the streaming in action, why not download a trial and have a go with a sample project we have published to our new GitHub account that visualises the built-in accelerometer data?


Background Data Loading


Continuing the theme of optimising how data is supplied to the GPU, we have also added a new feature which allows background data loading. If you have thousands of data points, it can take a little while (a few hundred milliseconds) to convert them into all those tiny little triangles we use to render them via the GPU hardware.

With background data loading enabled, the process of loading the chart data is moved onto a background thread, leaving the UI thread free to render the chart axes and gridlines. As a result, your application becomes more responsive. The API also offers the facility to show a loading indicator whilst the data is being processed.


Improved Samples, Documentation and Installation Experience


We’ve been working hard to improve our documentation, adding more detailed ‘concept’ documentation, together with a comprehensive suite of samples that illustrate common scenarios. 


Accelerator Charts Ios


This release also sees the addition of an Installer, which provides a tighter integration with Xcode. This makes it much easier to add the Shinobi framework to new or existing projects.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the products page and download a 30 day trial now