shinobicharts achieves major feature parity for Android and iOS Platforms

Written by shinobicharts

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest version of shinobicharts for Android, at Apps World this week, achieving major feature parity at last.

“Achieving parity between the Android and iOS platforms is always a difficult task for developers due to the inherent differences between the two platforms. The bottom line is that they will never be the same but we are pleased that we can unify the user experience for our shinobicharts for Android with iOS, whilst still recognising the individual identities of each platform,” said Stuart Grey, COO at shinobicontrols.

This latest update includes the addition of discontinuous axis to Premium customers. Discontinuous axis allows data to have natural breaks in it for weekends or the occasional holiday, allowing users to configure their axis to skip these ranges and only display what’s really relevant to the users.

“Discontinuous axis is a feature requested by many of our Enterprise customers. It’s an important element of data visualization of business or financial activity, and a lot of our banking or investment customers find it crucial. We’ve worked hard to make sure that, just like shinobichartsfor iOS, shinobicharts for Android is now able to produce that functionality out of the box, making development easier and vital information more accessible to end users,” said Michael Wass, Product Sales Consultant, shinobicontrols.

As iOS and Android continue to dominate the market, it’s more critical than ever to make sure apps are prepared for optimal delivery across both platforms.