ShinobiCharts for Android 1.7 Release

Written by Stuart Grey

It’s here, and it’s delivering a major feature many of you love in our iOS charts: Discontinuous Axes.

We’ve had a lot of requests for axes that can skip date ranges, particularly among our enterprise customers. We hope that this latest release, will allow you to bring the Android charts in your app up to parity with the iOS version and even embark on new projects using this new feature.

The Detail

Axis ImageWhether you want to skip adhoc holidays or stick to trading hours by skipping all weekends, the axes on our charts will now allow you and your users to focus on the data that matters. It’s simple to add ranges that shouldn’t be shown and even just specify that weekends should be missed.

There is a great little sample app that ships with our code bundle, and as usual it’s fully documented with bindings for our Xamarin.Android users. The update works on both Date and Number axes, giving you freedom to customise a great range of charts.

This new feature comes as standard for our Premium customers, who can download the latest version here and if you are on our free trial, why not click here and extend your 30 day trial for an additional 30 days!

Achieving parity between the Android and iOS platforms is always a difficult task for developers due to the inherent differences between the two platforms. The bottom line is that they will never be the same but here at Shinobi HQ we are pleased that we can unify the user experience for our ShinobiCharts for Android with iOS, whilst still recognising the individual identities of each platform.