ShinobiControls adds stunning data visualization for C# developers writing native iOS apps

Written by David Pinches

“Xamarin ready” Charts, Grids and UI Controls launched on the Xamarin Component Store

ShinobiControls has strengthened its partnership with Xamarin by publishing their Charts, Grids and Essentials UI controls on the Xamarin Component Store.

Through a new agreement with Xamarin, ShinobiControls is hoping to encourage more of the 250,000 developers who are in the Xamarin community, to create highly interactive, beautiful iOS apps, all written in C#.



Shinobicharts ShinobigridsShinobiessentials


ShinobiControls charts and grids are already used widely by iOS developers writing apps for the finance, health care, manufacturing and other sectors looking for world class data visualization. Access to the established C# developer community in these and other sectors is an opportunity for the business to add breadth and depth to its market reach.

ShinobiControls components include a comprehensive set of bindings for Xamarin.iOS, allowing developers to access the full functionality of the controls from Xamarin’s development environment.  These bindings additionally include comprehensive API documentation, code samples and a C#/.NET friendly API.

Through this partnership with Xamarin and the participation in their Component Store, the large community of C# developers can access the native controls. They can also deliver apps with rich functionality, which have a fantastic touch and feel.

“ShinobiControls helps developers turn data-intensive apps into works of mobile art.” commented Nat Friedman, Xamarin’s CEO and co-founder. “Across our community of over 250,000 developers, we see data visualization as a high frequency app use case.  Our Xamarin Component Store partnership with ShinobiControls means Xamarin developers can add beautiful data visualization controls to apps with just a few clicks, making their lives easier and resulting in happy app end users.”  

ShinobiControls also anticipates supporting those developers who are looking to produce native Android™ apps, and following positive feedback from the market with a recent prototype, plan to bring an Android charts component to market later this year.  This control will also have support for C# developers.

Furthermore ShinobiControls is happy to announce its attendance and participation at Evolve, Xamarin’s first worldwide developer conference in Austin, Texas on April 16 and 17!