ShinobiControls and the Apps World Experience

Written by Colin Eberhardt

Earlier this week the ShinobiControls team exhibited in London at Apps World where we met with customers, conference attendees and generally soaked up the atmosphere of one of the world’s largest mobile developer events.


We’re the three guys in the bottom right of this image!


The Apps World conference covers a wide range of mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. There were also conference sessions covering cross-platform mobile technologies and HTML5.

I attended a number of the panel sessions on HTML5 technologies, where the recurring themes of browser compatibility issues and compromised user experience were discussed. The representatives from W3C were very excited about the emergence of mobile operating systems with HTML5 at their very core, with FireFox OS very much leading the way. The target market for devices running this OS is the lower end of the device spectrum, as a replacement for feature phones. HTML5 has a long way to go before it replaces a native user experience, whether it is running on an iPhone, Android or any of the other devices.

Visitors to our stand bore testament to this fact, a number of them showed us their iPhone or iPad applications that were using commercial HTML5 charting solutions. When they saw the power of our GPU accelerated native charting solution, they were clearly impressed!

Needless to say when they left our stand, they left with a 20% discount voucher in hand!


We had a lot of fun at Apps World, and hope to meet more of you at conferences in the near future.


Regards – Colin E. (@ColinEberhardt)