ShinobiControls at MWC 2013

Written by Ryan Grey

Our team is back at Shinobi HQ having returned from Mobile World Congress 2013 safe and sound! Taking a look at the conference coverage on any of the major technology websites reveals a big focus on hardware announcements (or a lack of them). But thinking of MWC in this way is selling it short and missing out on some of the other great companies exhibiting at the conference. MWC is the world’s largest mobile industry exhibition and attracts companies from all aspects of the market; from hardware giants, to start-up app developers, to lowly software component providers!


Hall 8.1 (App Planet) was an ideal place for ShinobiControls to get to chat with plenty of mobile app developers. We spoke with a diverse group of visitors ranging from small start-ups, to larger companies in the business of producing enterprise apps. It wasn’t just techies paying us a visit either – we were given the opportunity to speak with business leaders who had a much higher level view of their problem domain – this gave us a brilliant opportunity to hear about the ways that ShinobiControls can (and is) being used within a complete enterprise solution.


Getting to talk with so many different people revealed a couple of common themes at the conference (which may or may not reflect the wider trends in the mobile market):

  1. People develop for iOS first and then Android™ usually follows
  2. Android is being considered as a serious platform for enterprise development
  3. Dashboard/BI apps are in high demand for a surprising number of industries.

This was good news for ShinobiControls given our recent efforts on the community technical preview of ShinobiCharts for Android™.

With so many experts in mobile technologies visiting MWC, we also got the opportunity to listen to a lot of opinions on where the industry is heading. It was interesting to hear our sentiments on HTML5 vs. native being largely echoed – many of you expressed similar experiences with HTML5 performance and understood that in order to provide the slickest controls possible, we had to go native.


On the flip side there were a couple of hints that HTML5 may see wider use in mobile development in the future – we’re looking at you FirefoxOS! This wasn’t the only new mobile operating system on display, with Ubuntu Touch (produced by Canonical) being demoed in the same hall. One things for sure, the mobile OS space is about to become a whole lot busier, and here at ShinobiControls we’re pleased to be in a very strong position to benefit from and contribute to this increasingly competitive marketplace.

I’ll sign off by saying a big thank you to those of you who visited the stand and for sharing your mobile industry opinions and experiences with us!