ShinobiControls in the App Store – a sneak peek

Written by Colin Eberhardt

At ShinobiHQ we take pride and pleasure in creating great-looking high performance user interface controls for iOS developers. However, just as important as performance is usability and user experience. Every care is taken to ensure that all our controls are first-class citizens in the touch-first world of modern phones and tablets. This means considering touch, multi-touch, gestures and inertia when designing each and every control. But most important of all, we want our controls to be fun to use!


Can a chart or grid really be fun? … sure it can!

Place a tablet displaying a chart in front of any non-techie end user and I can guarantee to you that they will touch it. They may not be sure exactly what it should do when they place their finger upon the screen, but sure enough, if it does nothing you will see a small flash of disappointment on their face. Whereas, if the chart moves gracefully under their finger, the application, and the users experience comes alive.

One of the challenges we have faced at ShinobiHQ is how to demonstrate the playfulness of our controls. Our website has screenshots and videos, but neither of these compare to the experience of interacting directly. I have watched with great amusement as people get distracted in meetings by the beautiful rotating motion of our pie charts, and the tactile feel of our line graphs!

So what better way to demonstrate ShinobiControls than to create an application that showcases them and have it available in the App Store? In this blog post I’m happy to provide a sneak-peak of the ShinobiControls app that will be available in the App Store in just a few weeks’ time.

Now at ShinobiHQ we like to do things differently … so rather than create a ‘kitchen sink’ application that shows off each and every features of our controls, we decided to go for something a bit more fun! Working with a team of UX specialists, graphic designers and top notch developers, we have come up with an application that tells the Shinobi story.

Below you can see a few of the gorgeous screenshots from this soon-to-be released application:





And in a few weeks you will be able to follow the story and touch, interact, and play with it yourself.

… as long as we can stop the development team from getting distracted by playing with those pesky pie charts …

Regards, Colin E.