ShinobiControls offers “Next Day” iOS7 Update

Written by Jesse Beaumont

Yesterday Apple announced its new iOS7 release and what a release it is.  Today, less than 24 hours after iOS7 was publicly released, we’re releasing ShinobiControls for iOS Suite version 2.5.  That includes new versions of our iOS charts, grids and essentials controls (also available individually as normal) which have all been revised to offer full support for iOS7.  Along with simple bug fixes to address any changes in APIs Apple has undertaken, we’ve introduced a brand new theme for each of the controls which mirror’s Apple’s new look UI.

 Iphone5 Ios7

Even better, the new theming structure we’ve added, will automatically pick an appropriate theme based on the OS version the device is using.  That can offer a very easy way to have the same app offer a platform consistent look and feel to the user and give them the best experience, regardless of which iOS version they’re running.  Don’t worry though, if you’ve worked hard to come up with your own look and feel or you want a single look and feel across all iOS versions, it’s simple to do that too.

ios7 charts banner

Because of Apple’s NDA, we’re unfortunately not permitted to release support for the new 64-bit A7 chip or updated Xamarin.iOS bindings yet.  However, we will be adding that as soon as we’re allowed next week.  In the meantime, the version we’ve just released, should work just fine, and when we release an update next week, you’ll just need to drop in and rebuild to get the best performance and 64-bit support.

So what are you waiting for, if you’re a customer with a valid ShinobiCare or ShinobiCare Plus contract, just log into the customer portal and grab the new versions.  If you want to take a new trial to see what it looks like, feel free.  Finally, if your support contract has expired but you’d like access, get in touch and we’ll help get your support up to date.