ShinobiControls readies High Performing Chart Controls for Android™

Written by Jesse Beaumont

ShinobiControls, the leading provider of charts, grids and UI controls to the mobile developer market, has decided to preview its first prototype control for Android!

ShinobiControls will provide a Community Technology Preview (CTP) of ShinobiCharts for Android and take the opportunity to get feedback from developers about the functionality, flexibility and performance of this new control. The Shinobi Team will also demonstrate the first preview of the product at Apps World on the 7th and 8th of February 2013 in San Francisco, North America and between the 25th and 28th February at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.


“We would like to hear from Android only developers as well as developers writing native apps for  both – iOS and Android” says David Pinches,  Head of Products and Marketing for ShinobiControls.

“The market for iOS and Android devices, be it phones or tablets, is huge and all recent analysis points to the fact, that these will be the dominant platforms in the future.  However, we are also interested in developers’ preferences for these platforms, particularly for more sophisticated business to business, enterprise or consumer apps.  At the moment, industry trends and analysts reports such as the recent IDC/Appcelerator report indicate, that iOS is still the preferred development platform and so we have written the CTP to gather feedback directly from the developer community.”

There is also a video that shows the functionality of the new Android App and the CTP is available for download here.

All feedback is welcome – online or simply come and meet the team at one of the various international events where ShinobiControls will be exhibiting!