ShinobiControls says “Hello World”

Written by Jesse Beaumont

Hello World!

Originally by’ve finally emerged from stealth mode and our first product, a charting control for iOS, is out in the wild! Yippie! What’s more, our second product, data grids for iOS devices, is being readied on the launch pad as I type, and we’ve got plenty more on their way. This being our first blog entry, we should probably take you back to the start and lay out what ShinobiControls is all about.

The Mission (which we have already chosen to accept)

In a nutshell ShinobiControl’s mission is to provide every control, widget and panel that an iOS developer might need – from social media apps to business intelligence dashboards, from finance to applications just for fun.  Game on!

Who We Are

ShinobiControls is made up of a bunch of iOS developers based in the UK (with the exception of Gary and Julian…they don’t code much these days…).  Between us we’ve worked on a huge breadth of technology stacks and platforms across a wide range of industries.  It’s a pretty big pool from which to draw inspiration and experiences.

Technically, we’re actually part of the product arm of Scott Logic who do software consultancy for a living.  That gives us a great source of insights into what business users are looking for and where the sticking points are.

Over the last few years we’ve been hearing more and more buzz around the use of mobile applications and devices in “the enterprise”.  Everyone is interested and lots of people are taking their first steps.  As they take those steps they are increasingly realizing that the eco-system around mobile line-of-business applications is quite far away from its desktop and web siblings in terms of maturity.  That’s pretty much where we decided to do something about that…

What We Do

First and foremost, we’re making tools for developers.  Our goal is to provide a rich and powerful suite of developer tools that enables businesses to realise the potential of the mobile platform and gives developers the tools and capabilities to make their users happy.

wrenchesThere is lots of data out there on the web about the adoption of tablets, in particular the Apple iPad, and smartphones in enterprise settings and I’m sure lots of you are involved in that very thing right now which is why you’re here. Clearly, there are massive benefits to be had from a tablet device in that context including having data immediately available at all times, empowering your remote work force, single entry, validated data capture and the potential for a better engagement model with your customers. There is real value to be had from the adoption of mobile devices in a business context and with the growth in the tablet format the extra screen real estate means it’s now possible to provide increasingly powerful and complex tools on these devices.

The problem is that the increase in complexity and power comes at a significant cost in the application development cost. There are often simply more moving parts in your application and at the moment you end up re-inventing the wheel … a lot. That’s where ShinobiControls comes in. We want to create controls to help developers bring that next level of application complexity and user engagement to the iOS platform without having to reinvent the wheel every time and with a support infrastructure that gives enterprises the confidence to take that leap. We’re all about giving developers a jump-start on building great applications and delivering “more for less”.

To us the great draw of the iOS platform is the slick look and the tactility of the interface, which puts the user directly in touch (literally!) with the application’s functionality, so that’s where we’re focusing our attention, but we’re developers too so we’re passionate about making things as easy as possible by maintaining simple APIs and giving you the support you need to get going.

What We Need And Where We’re Going

So here’s a summary of where we are:

  1. We’ve got charts.
  2. We’re getting grids.
  3. We also have a big list of follow up controls that we’re already working on.

We’re just getting warmed up, though!

The bottom line, is that we’re building this stuff to help you, so get in touch and tell us what you need! Leave a comment, send us a tweet or email us – but regardless of how you do it tell us what the problems are you’re facing and what we can do to help.