shinobicontrols takes mobile charting for Android to another level

Written by shinobicharts

Advanced charting kit (new)

Just a few days ago we introduced Advanced Charting Kit for Android and we’ve been blown away by the response so far.

The Advanced Charting Kit,  which is also available for iOS developers, has been designed to offer independent developers, agencies and large enterprise customers alike the chance to create next generation charts of the highest impact, enabling comprehensive and highly intuitive analysis of complex data, while also making it strikingly attractive.

Available as a free trial, this early bird Android release includes four new sampling, and two smoothing algorithms to help developers reduce noise in their data and improve the overall user experience.

Even more  features are planned in the coming weeks and months, including windowed-loading, advanced styling options, drill-downs and financial analysis tools to help with decision-making, and to keep the user engaged.

Chief Operating Officer Stuart Grey said: “We’re really proud of the new Advanced Charting Kit, and feel it truly offers android developers some next generation features, complementing our existing signature product shinobicharts. We took a lot of feedback from our existing enterprise-sized clients to truly understand their needs and wants.

“As data is so crucial to decision-making in business, our Advanced Charting Kit ensures customers can create a better mobile experience for their end users – faster!”

Take a look at our updated YouTube channel to see some of these exciting features in action.