ShinobiDeveloper – The Place To Be for App Developers

Written by David Pinches

An online forum at the center of a comprehensive set of resources for our developers.

“And about time too” many would say, a sentiment I have to agree with and so “better late than never” we have gone live with ShinobiDeveloper.

To be fair to the team at ShinobiHQ we have had a lot on our plate recently. It’s hard to believe that the first version of ShinobiCharts was released about 10 months ago and the take up in the iOS developer community of our growing portfolio of controls has exceeded all of our expectations.

And as we have grown, the need for ShinobiDeveloper, anticipated from the start, has also grown. Many thanks for all the comments and suggestions as to what we should offer through this dedicated online environment.

So here it is, an initial set of resources all in one place including FAQ’s QuickStart Guides, Tutorials, API documentation and our latest blogs, all selectable by product topic.



To complete the picture, a comprehensive forum which has been asked for from our customers and those in trial mode alike.  For me, this is the heart of the site and will live and breathe with your participation as well as updates from the developer support team here at ShinobiHQ.

 Forum Screenshot

ShinobiDeveloper promises to be the perfect complement to our support offering which includes product upgrades and updates, as well as direct access to the team that code the controls for you and your customers to enjoy.

Come join us and make it a place to mix with like-minded individuals and get further value from your use of ShinobiControls products.