ShinobiEssentials 2.0 Is Out Now

Written by Jesse Beaumont

It’s release time again – woohoo! With great pleasure I can announce the immediate availability of ShinobiEssentials 2.0 to try and buy today!

So, What’s New?

Included in this release is a whole host of new controls and some key revisions to existing components that we guarantee will hugely expand the versatility and power of this component suite.


Ios UI Controls Shinobi 2

Updated Controls

First up, let’s look at what we’ve done to the existing components. Aside from a number of bug fixes, Accordion now has a new edit mode which lets the user reorder or delete sections. In addition, there’s a new virtualization mode, which means Accordion will only request content from the data source for sections currently in view meaning better memory usage for your app!

There’s also been a few minor changes to the Sliding Overlay Panel which has created a big impact. It’s now possible to implement double sided sliders so you can slide left and right by nesting two panels inside each other. We’ll be following up with a tutorial on how to do that so keep your eyes on our blog for more soon…

Better Documentation

Continuing our general theme of improved user documentation, this Essentials release includes a brand new, comprehensive user guide stepping you through the key principles of each control one at a time. With a revised set of code samples and how-to guides, you’ll be much better equipped to get the most out of ShinobiEssentials than ever before.

Brand New Controls

ShinobiEssentials includes a bundle of new controls to enhance your apps, all of which, as always, come with full Xamarin.iOS bindings too.



Linear 2D and 3D Carousel

Arrange your UI views in an easily navigable list for the user to navigate quickly through intuitive gestures. These controls include a huge number of configurable options to control the look and behavior, such as optionally wrapping around to the start when you reach the end or having items scale as they travel away from the focal point, giving a 3D perspective. 

A rich delegate API provides the ability to receive notifications to be able to react to user actions and determine the currently selected items.

Cylindrical Carousel

Similar to the Linear carousels, these controls arrange items as if wrapped around a cylinder where items recede into the background, following an elliptical path. Control the arc of the path, how individual items rotate through space, transparency of items as they recede and much more, all through a simple API.


If you’re looking to show your items stacked up to either side of the current focus element, in the popular Cover Flow configuration, this is the control for you. With fine grained control over angles and spacing of items, you can get exactly the look you want from your Cover Flow control.

Radial Dial

This control arranges the items in a circular path on a flat 2D plane. This makes a really useful tool for creating radial menus of icons, for example. As with all our new controls, the configuration is totally flexible. Change the angles, radius, spacing, rotation and more through simple properties on the control.

Decorated Views

Want to add reflections, drop shadows or a reverse pane to your UIView? No problem, just drop it into one of our Decorated Views and it applies the desired effect for you. Easy!


Affect With Effects


Get It Now!

That’s quite a lot of new stuff, but it’s much better if you go try it out for yourself, rather than reading about it here. Why not download a trial and give it a spin? Want to just play with the new controls? Take a look at the Carousel Designer sample project which lets you experiment with all the configurable settings of the tool without writing a line of code.

Have fun!