ShinobiEssentials – Exciting New Components as iOS Devices top 400 Million

Written by David Pinches

Last month Apple announced that it had sold 100 million iPad’s since launch and together with the phenomenal success of the iPhone, over 400 million iOS devices have now been sold to a largely delighted and satisfied customer base. Already over 100 million of these devices are running iOS 6.

Other commentary across the industry has noted that the use of iOS smartphone and tablets is set to impact education, healthcare and business sectors. This is certainly something we at ShinobiHQ have noticed as we engage with developers working on apps as diverse as patient monitoring, stock and share price analysis, energy industry solutions as well as health and wellbeing applications!

With all this in mind, it seems like just the right time to bring a new set of UI controls to the market that have been designed to bring even more interactive usefulness and playfulness to any app, both consumer and business:

ShinobiEssentials is available as a Beta from today and what a bundle of joy it is!




Initially a collection of 4 fully customisable controls but soon to grow to 6 and beyond, ShinobiEssentials is the backbone of any app. We would love all you iOS developers out there to download the Beta and explore the functionality and user experience the following controls can deliver.

Sliding overlay panel

Swipe gestures can reveal or hide content. We think a key use for this control will be to create menus or additional, easy-access content areas for information rich applications.

Progress and activity indicator

We know all developers strive to make their apps run like greased lighting but sometimes short delays with high data volumes or connectivity issues cannot be avoided. These smooth looking animated time indicators are perfect for managing user expectations in such situations.

Tabbed view

Need to bring order where there is chaos (or at least complexity)?   Then simply add tabs to your apps and give your user control to select, reorder, add, delete and more with intuitive gestures.

Flow layout panel

My favourite. Great for all manner of image layouts, my colleague Stacey was so impressed she even donated her wedding photos to feature in our demo!




Even as I write this, the battle continues to rage across the smart phone market with Samsung briefly hitting number 1 as iPhone sales lagged waiting for the “5” announcement. But most analysts predict a return to number one for the iPhone 5 in quarter 4 and anticipate the combination of the latest super fast iPad and the super cute iPad mini to continue to dominate the tablet market.  For all of us in the iOS development world: “What’s there not to like?”

PS: Calling all ShinobiDevelopers.  We are preparing a ShowCase section on to highlight apps that use ShinobiCharts and ShinobiGrids. If you would like your app to be included please get in touch.