ShinobiGrids land, ShinobiCharts get a new release

Written by Jesse Beaumont

Here at ShinobiControls we have been busy bees listening and learning from your comments and feedback. We are so proud of our existing ShinobiCharts product that we are practically giddy to tell you about two more exciting new developments!

Firstly we are pleased to announce a new product addition to our ShinobiControls family – ShinobiGrids! 

This ground-breaking, iOS component allows users to display massive data sets in fully customizable, spectacular grids.  We love this product and hope you do too – with high performance in mind, ShinobiGrids has the usability, speed and ease of use you expect from ShinobiControls products with interactivity, unique customization options and an easy to use API all wrapped up with a world class support package!

If that wasn’t keeping us busy enough we’ve also released an update to ShinobiCharts alongside a Premium edition package as well! Premium ShinobiCharts boasts all of the incredible features that come with our Standard package with the added additions of multiple axes, log axes, financial series types, on chart annotations.  And as an added bonus, the Standard release of ShinobiCharts has also been beefed up with extra features including stacked series, bubble charts, and step charts.  We tried to cram more in but it just wasn’t possible!

If you need more encouragement we have a tantalising deal for you – buy the new Premium version of ShinobiCharts and ShinobiGrids in a single purchase and you will save a whopping $200 per license!

For more information on any of our products and pricings have a look at our revamped site:

And if there are additional features you would like to see in our Grids and Charts products then get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.