ShinobiPlay, the perfect accompaniment to any ShinobiControls product

Written by Stacey Rogers

Finally, finally, finally – that’s a massive 3 “finally”s as we’ve finally got something we’ve been dying to share with you and we know you’ve been waiting for! 

Chances are if you’ve met us at an event recently, you’ll know that we’ve been eating our own dog food a bit and building an app to showcase our own charts and grids. 


The basics … 

What’s it called?

Where can I get it?
On our page in The App Store 

What’s it got in it?
Our first release has:
10 fully working examples of charts and grids and 40+ ideas of themes
7 beginner to advanced tutorials including fully interactive examples
A designer tool to take some of the hard work out of creating themes for ShinobiCharts 

Why ShinobiPlay …

To get an idea of what our controls can do we put together videos of our charts and our grids in action – great as a starter, but we know what you really want when you build apps: to have all this stuff on your iPad so you can have a go yourself! 

We decided than the best way to go about it would be to, well, build an app for you – but here at ShinobiControls HQ we like to have a bit of fun with what we do, so that’s what we did! 


1: Engage – Experience our charts and grids for yourself …

STUNNING EXAMPLES TO EXPLOREThe first thing you’ll find in ShinobiPlay is ‘ShinobiExperience‘ which is a light hearted look at our charts and grids – they’re super stylish and we’ve gone all out with showing off the gestures you could potentially add. 

Don’t be expecting a bland olde brochure – this is stuff designed to inspire you to make your next ShinobiControls project a bit more than just your average chart (complete with black background and a bit of gradient). 

The examples aren’t just for you though – got a client that’s interested in getting an app built by you? Show them ours! Trying to convince your boss that ShinobiCharts will live up to expectation? Give them the ‘Impress’ chart and convince them. 

2: Learn – Become a better ShinobiControls Developer …

COMPREHENSIVE RESOURCES TO SUPPORT YOURegulars to the blog will know that we love to share knowledge and bring you tutorials to help add extra functionality to your charts and grids. But the problem with them being online is that we can’t show you what the end result is – it’s not meant to be a picture, it’s meant to be something you interact with. 

So, we’ve pulled our current tutorials together and added them to ShinobiPlay in ShinobiResourcescentre. The plan is to keep building up this bank of snippets so if you’ve a burning question which starts with ‘how can I make my chart …….’ Or if you have an idea for a funky new feature that we could turn into a tutorial then let us know (extra points if you do it through the app!). 

What else is in there? All of our most recent API documentation for a start, as well as some other stuff we think you’ll find useful when working with ShinobiControls. 

3: Create – Take a short cut to better design …

EXPERIMENT WITH CHARTS BEFORE CODINGThe last thing we’ve been looking do for you is save you some time and give you something to experiment with. We’ve started with ‘ShinobiDesigner‘ as let’s face it – we could all do with a bit of a hand putting together that perfect colour palette. 

The designer lets you play around with styling options before putting fingers to code and once you’re happy with the style you’ve created then you can generate the code and drop it straight into your ShinobiControls project. Great for general experimentation, or if you’ve a client looking for a quick example – why not knock one up in the designer and email it to them? Or better still – get them to knock one up for you and email the code back to you! 

That’s what we did with our design team when we built ShinobiPlay. You’ll see a bunch of ‘default themes’ in ShinobiDesigner and the way we put them in the app was to send the beta version of ShinobiPlay to our designers and ask them to send us the code back once they were happy which we then dropped back into out ShinobiPlay app project to produce the themes you now see – we thought that was a pretty neat (and ingeniously quick) way of doing things and saved us a bit of user testing time to. 

So that’s ShinobiPlay as it stands, in a nutshell, we’re thinking of it as a baby at the minute though and it does have some growing up to do yet – that’s where you come in – so what you waiting for? Get your own copy of own copy of ShinobiPlay for the iPad today and let us know what you think. 

ShinobiPlay, the perfect accompaniment to any ShinobiControls product.