ShinobiSpotlight – Azimuth

Written by Colin Eberhardt

Creating applications involves talking with end-users, discovering their needs and then delivering an application that fulfils them (in an ideal world!). Creating controls, components and tools for developers is a little more challenging. For user-interface controls you have to create something generic that can be used in a wide range of applications, some of which you might have envisaged when designing the controls, but many of which you certainly will not have.

At ShinobiControls we love seeing the applications that our customers have created using our components and are constantly surprised at the broad range of applications that have benefitted from them. In this article, the first of our ‘ShinobiSpotlight’ series, we’ll look at an application one of our customers has built using ShinobiControls. If you have built an app that you’d like to see highlighted here, please get in touch (@ShinobiControls).


Azimuth, by Appsterisk, is an application that tracks the movement of the sun in order to display sunrise and sunset times. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Give Azimuth a go and you’ll find there is much more to it than a just a pair of times. This application shows the current location of the sun, moving in real time across the globe, and the shadow that it casts. Azimuth sports a huge range of features that allow you to view the change in sunrise / sunset times with the seasons and compare various different geographic locations. The numerous features are all well documented with pop-up hints to assist the first-time user. It is usability features like this which have secured the application a very high user rating (4+).

Azimuth makes great use of ShinobiControls –  you can drill-down on your current location to access detailed information and charts, each of which are fully interactive, allowing pinch zoom and tap-and-hold to access the cursor. One of the charts even has an embedded micro-chart as part of the cursor-information!


Azimuth is a great little application and the ShinobiControls team are very pleased to see the charts that they developed being used so effectively. Referring back to my introduction, when we were designing the ShinobiCharts we looked at a broad range of application areas, however, charting the path of the sun certainly wasn’t one of them! The band-series was initially introduced with contexts such as financial charting in mind. It’s great to see them being put to another use entirely. And as for charts within charts? No … I don’t believe we considered that either. But again, it is great to see that the versatility we built into these components being used to great effect.

On behalf of ShinobiControls, I’d like to wish Appsterisk and their Azimuth application continued success. Now I’m off to give this app the 5-star rating it deserves …

Regards, Colin E.